Job Overview

Front Line Employee
· Promptly welcomes all customers with a smile and warm greeting
· Accurately enters all customer orders into the point of sale system
· Collects proper payment from the customer
· Prepares customer orders: custards, shakes, soft drinks, sundaes, slushies and all other front line orders
· Maintains a clean & safe work station as required by company rules & health department regulations
· Stocks the work station regularly, replacing what was used, keeping it ready for the current service shift and the following shift
· Serves as a knowledgeable person on our menu in order to answer questions from customers and make recommendations
· Follows the “Customer-Clean-Stock” workflow
· Performs routine weekly & monthly cleaning projects
· Performs additional tasks as assigned by management

Kitchen Employee
· Maintains a clean work station in compliance with health department regulations
· Prepares customer food orders in an accurate & timely manner
· Follows all posted recipe & menu guide books in order to keep uniform food preparation
· Prepares necessary ingredients as needed to keep kitchen par levels at expected levels
· Prepares bulk syrups, sauces and toppings as needed for the front line staff
· Actively monitors date labels and removes expired items from service
· Proactively tastes and inspects ingredients for freshness, bringing discrepancies to management’s attention
· Follows and participates in the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning of equipment and utensils
· Keeps a safe and clutter free work environment
· Follows the “Customer-Clean-Stock” workflow mentality
· Provides a warm and friendly greeting to customers when delivering food orders
· Any other work activities as assigned by management

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