Job Overview

Boxcar Social is looking for baristas/bartenders to join our small teams across our locations in Toronto. We are looking for highly experienced and skilled candidates with a passion for product and service alike.
We run a hybrid service with expectations of our baristas and bartenders to have strong service skills, bar back skills, and independence on solo shifts. Our volume of service swings between consistent yet laid-back cafe service to busy rushes. Candidates must be able to seamlessly navigate between all service roles and be empowered by running quality service.
Ideal candidates will be highly knowledgeable on low-intervention natural wines, and craft beer. Strong interest in third-wave coffee is necessary as there will be espresso served during evening service. Must be able to work well with a team but also be self-reliant. Smart Serve and Food Handlers certification is required.

  • Part Time: 20-30 hours a week
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