Job Overview

Swanky Scoop is a small batch premium ice cream store opening soon in Woodin Creek Village. We are in the happiness business! Looking for enthusiastic ice cream scoopers who are prepared to dig in--scooping ice cream, making waffle cones, taking payments from customers, offering samples, and living the ice cream dream.

This is a tipped position, in addition to the salary listed.


  • Offering samples and taking customer orders
  • Scooping ice cream in consistent sizes
  • Making waffle cones
  • Cleaning--counters, tables, bathroom, equipment (scoops, shake blender cups), hands
  • Ringing customers out through POS (point of sale) system--register
  • Stocking ice cream dipping cabinets, napkins, cones, etc.


  • Access to a phone and internet for scheduling communication
  • Evening and weekend hours
  • Food worker/safety card (can be acquired after job offer)
  • Everybody cleans
  • Age 16 or older


  • Talk enthusiastically about our flavors and welcome dairy and non-dairy fans
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time, lift 25-30 lbs (2.5 gallon tubs of ice cream), and carry out repetitive scooping motions
  • Attention to detail--allergy sensitivities, keeping counters, tables, and bathrooms clean, following open/close procedures and cash handling rules, freezer doors always closed firmly
  • Bring your creativity--new flavor ideas? Tiktok inspiration? Seasonal decorations?
  • Patience and empathy as customer wants 5th sample with a long line building behind them
  • Flexibility--this is a new business, new store, and a new normal. There may be some hiccups in the early weeks.

Swanky Scoop is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will be considered, regardless of race, nationality, gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and marital status.

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