Job Overview

Redfin Blues opens April 1 for our summer season, and we are looking to add support staff to our roster.
We offer various shifts to work with your schedule, morning shifts typically run from 11am-4pm, and evening shifts from 4pm/5pm to close.
This is a tipped position, with a base hourly of $7.50 an hour, plus cash tips.


  • Greeting guests, cleaning tables, and keeping our online waitlist up to date
  • Running food from the kitchen to the tables, assuring that guests have all the things they need to enjoy their meal
  • Basic cleaning of the outdoor area durning your shift, so guests enter a restaurant that looks and feels clean and welcoming


  • Waitlist managment
  • iPad usage
  • Phone skills
  • Ability to answer guest questions in a respectful manner


  • Meal discounts
  • Flexible schedules
  • Cash tips and a pay cheque
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