Job Overview

A Shift ​Lead is a middle management position, with the responsibility of overseeing a number of subordinate employees during a certain period of time. The shift lead job description requires an ability to efficiently multi-task, a capability to confidently delegate work to others, excellent customer service skills, and strong leadership qualities.
Position Description
A shift ​Lead reports to an upper-level manager, but oversees lower level staff as well, making sure that all employees show up for work, all assigned tasks are completed, customers are happy, and all business runs smoothly.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Shift ​Lead
•Assigns tasks to employees on shift.
•Calls in replacements in the event of an employee call-in or no-show.
•Addresses and resolves customer inquiries and complaints.
•Cleans and organizes work area (e.g. retail space, restaurant, bar, etc.) as needed.
•Engages with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the service and products offered.
•Promotes specials, sales, and new products or services when relevant.
•Orders supplies and products when stock runs low.
•Manages cash intake, counting out registers at regular intervals and tabulating profit at the end of the shift.
•Reports losses, employee behavioral issues, serious customer complaints, and other significant issues to upper-level management.
•Signs for deliveries.
•Adheres to and enforces company policies and guidelines.
•Enforces the proper disciplinary measures when subordinate employees fail to adhere to company policy.
•Assists in interviewing applicants for open positions.
•Oversees employee training sessions.
•Works with HR to process new employee paperwork.
and promoting the brand at catering and special events. Be responsible and helpful at all times. Working knowledge of the POS system is a plus.
All staff must have reliable transportation to and from work, have the ability to stand, bend, reach and scoop throughout the assigned shift. A Food Handlers Card is required for employment.

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