Job Overview

Job Purpose

  • Assistant the Executive Chef, Corporate Chef, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager or Expeditor in preparing restaurant plates to be delivered to the guests sitting at tables, bar and lounge areas.


  • Assisting with stocking and setting up the kitchen stations
  • Preparing food including cleaning and cutting the ingredients and cooking main dishes, desserts, appetizers and snacks
  • Plating prepared foods based on senior chef’s guidance
  • Working with servers to ensure that orders are completed according to request and on time
  • Washing and cleaning the kitchen and cooking utensils and storing the equipment at the end of shifts
  • Ensuring quality control and maiantaining accurate recipes
  • Follow New York State Liquor Authority and beverage service related laws
  • Follow Suffolk County Department of Health Food and Beverage service laws and regulations
  • Any other customary, ordinary and reasonable duties normally associated with this job position

Physical Requirement

  • Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Stand and walk for long periods of time


  • Status: Hourly
  • Tip Eligible: None
  • Tip Type: None
  • Overtime Available: Yes
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