Job Overview


  1. Delivering pizzas to customers in a timely and courteous manner
  2. Handling payments and providing change accurately
  3. Ensuring the pizza is delivered fresh and intact
  4. Maintaining a clean and organized vehicle for safe delivery
  5. Following traffic laws and safe driving practices at all times
  6. Responding to customer inquiries or complaints with professionalism and empathy
  7. Collaborating with kitchen staff to ensure orders are completed correctly and on time
  8. Adhering to food safety and hygiene regulations
  9. Keeping track of inventory and restocking supplies as needed
  10. Communicating effectively with your employer and team members.


  1. Good driving skills and a clean driving record
  2. Familiarity with the local area and efficient navigation skills
  3. Good time management and the ability to prioritize tasks
  4. Attention to detail to ensure accuracy in orders and payment transactions
  5. Strong communication and customer service skills
  6. Ability to work independently and take initiative
  7. Physical stamina and the ability to handle repetitive tasks, such as lifting and carrying pizza boxes
  8. Basic math skills for handling cash transactions and making change
  9. Flexibility and adaptability to handle unexpected situations, such as traffic delays or changes in orders
  10. Good hygiene practices and adherence to food safety regulations.

At N.Y.P.D. Pizza, our drivers receive a base pay of $10.10 per hour, along with delivery reimbursements. We pay our drivers on a weekly basis, and delivery drivers can take home their tips and reimbursements each night. After completing 1000 hours of work, our delivery drivers become eligible to enroll in our 401k plan, which includes a 4% company match. We are committed to attracting top-notch drivers by offering competitive pay rates that surpass those of our competitors.

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