Job Overview


  • Deliver food orders to customers quickly and accurately
  • Bus tables by removing dirty dishes and trash
  • Relay reports of customer satisfaction to the management and relevant parties
  • Ensure patrons have all the appropriate tableware they need to properly enjoy their food
  • Handle various impromptu requests from customers


  • Must be able to multitask in order to ensure customers get their orders promptly
  • Possess a high degree of organizational skills to easily locate tables and bar patrons to fulfill everyone’s orders
  • Must be able to spend most of their shift standing, so they need to be able to remain on their feet for several hours straight. Additionally, they should be able to carry about 35 pounds easily.
  • Must have excellent communication skills to ensure they meet customers’ requests. Not only does the Food Runner have to listen to learn where the food needs to go, but they also have to communicate with the customers whether it’s checking on their satisfaction or taking an impromptu request.
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