Job Overview

Assists in properly serving the customer, setup and tear down of events and re-set of venue the event is taking place in.
∙ Efficiently serves food and beverage following the service sequence standards of the department.
∙ Possess competent beverage and food knowledge.
∙ Read, understand and follow floor plans and seating charts
∙ Understand and demonstrate proper liquor, beer and wine service.
∙ Maintain awareness of all state laws pertaining to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.
∙ Adhere to set schedules and attendance to mandatory staff meetings.
∙ Adherence to uniform requirements.
∙ Must be flexible enough to work in a variety of shifts and environments.
∙ Maintain professionalism in both appearance and behavior at all times.
∙ Working well with staff, emphasizing teamwork.
∙ Ability to perform all job functions.
∙ Lifts and transports trays up to 40 lbs. from kitchen to the event floor.
∙ Lifts and transports small equipment from banquet storage to event venue.
∙ Frequently reaches, lifts, stoops, bends and cleans to maintain service areas.
∙ Walks and stands during the entire shift.
∙ Effectively communicates verbally with staff, while reading, speaking and fully comprehending English.
∙ Hazards may include, but are not limited to, slips, falls and burns.
∙ Must be able to listen to directions and follow up with what has been asked.
∙ Must make a positive impression on the guest.
∙ Must be teamwork oriented.
∙ Performs event setup and tear down.
∙ Maintains proper safety and sanitation standards.
∙ Reporting any problems that the server is encountering with the customer promptly to a manager.
∙ Ensuring that the customers’ experience is exceptional and that the event standards, and food/beverage requests are fulfilled.
∙ Performing all existing job functions.
We are looking for a team member that is flexible during the week and must be able to work weekends.

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