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Front of House team members are always moving! They are the first to greet customers, help them pick the perfect menu item and assemble a customized burrito or quesadilla right in front of them. They keep their area spotless and fully stocked with the freshest ingredients. Being an open kitchen allows customers to see the entire process and it's our job to make sure everything is top notch! Here are some qualities the perfect team member should have: -strong work ethic -dependable -follows cash procedures -friendly -high standards for cleanliness and freshness

Back of House cooks, preps and rolls for our team. The Cook and The Roller work together to ensure that only the best comes out of our kitchen. We do our prep in the morning to make sure we can focus on customer service throughout the day. At night we clean while maintaining that customer connection. We like to interact with them and make them feel at home! Organization and time management are very important in our kitchens. The open kitchen allows customers to feel confident that they are being served quality food from an efficient team. The perfect cook or roller would have these qualities: -dependable -able to follow proper food safety procedures -has an attention to detail -cleans as they go -strong work ethic

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